Erase 3 Minute Instant Facelift FAQ


erase instant facelift faq

What’s the best way to use Erase Instant Facelift cream?

Erase 3 Minute Instant Facelift is formulated to deliver almost instant results because of its ability to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. To make the most of the product, clean your face from all makeup, sunscreen, impurities and sebum before the application. The cleaner your skin is, the more noticeable the results of putting the cream on are going to be.

Put a little bit of the serum on your fingers and apply a thin film on your face. You can either have the entire face covered or you can treat the regions that feature the most prominent wrinkles. To improve the penetration of the product, use a gentle facial massage. It’s very important to let the serum dry on your skin – that’s when you’re going to see the results. If a thin layer still remains on the surface and doesn’t dry, chances are that you’ve applied too much. You may want to use a piece of cotton fabric to gently remove the excess. Once you do that, reapply a smaller amount of the skin tightening lotion. To speed things up, you may use your hairdryer on the cold air setting. This way, you’ll see faster and more noticeable results.


erase instant facelift faq

Where can I apply Erase Instant Facelift?

The cream is safe for application on the facial skin, even if it’s sensitive. Erase Instant Facelift is licensed by the FDA and it adheres to the strictest industry standards. This means that it’s perfectly safe and great for application just about anywhere.


erase instant facelift faq

When will I see results?

Several studies have been carried out to figure out how soon Erase Instant Facelift will deliver results. Usually, a few minutes will be needed for the cream to dry on the skin. That’s when you’ll see it reduce the prominence of wrinkles.


erase instant facelift faq

Is Erase Instant Facelift comparable to Botox or other invasive anti-aging treatments?

The results you’ll get by using the serum will be comparable, sometimes even better than what Botox is capable of producing. In addition, Erase Instant Facelift is a non-invasive treatment and there’s no risk of complications. You have full control of the results that you’re going to get – just apply the cream to the right spots.

Working with our customers, we’ve seen up to half an inch (15 millimeters) reduction in the prominence of brow wrinkles. Keep in mind that you can get these spectacular results at a fraction of the cost of Botox.


erase instant facelift faq

What are the most common Erase Instant Facelift application mistakes?

Forgetting to clean the face before putting the cream on is by far the most common mistake. As already mentioned, sebum or cosmetic products on the skin will interfere with the serum’s ability to penetrate the deeper layers and guarantee noticeable improvements in terms of wrinkle reduction.


erase instant facelift faq

Are the results permanent?

Erase Instant Facelift is a product that doesn’t give you permanent results. Keep in mind, however, that stretching out the wrinkles in the way that the serum does can reduce their prominence over time. If you use the serum regularly and over a period of several months, you may see a permanent reduction in the prominence of the wrinkles.


erase instant facelift faq

So, how long will the results last?

You can expect the results of a single application to last you an entire day. The results of the serum will wear off gradually. If you have a longer day or you plan to go out in the evening, you’ll simply need to reapply the cream. There aren’t any side effects linked to putting the cream on your face more than once per day.


erase instant facelift faq

How long will a single bottle of the cream last?

It all depends on the way in which you use the serum. If you put it on your entire face every single day, you’ll have sufficient quantities for a period ranging between three and four weeks. If, however, you only use the serum on problem areas where wrinkles have appeared, chances are that you’ll get to benefit from a single bottle a much longer period of time.

The shelf life of the product is two years so you don’t need to worry about the serum losing its potency.

When left unused for a longer period of time, the serum may separate. All that you have to do is give it a shake and put it on your face. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place. If the storage area is too cold, the cream may eventually solidify. Leave it at room temperature for a couple of hours until it restores the normal consistency.


erase instant facelift faq

Does the cream have a money back guarantee?

If you aren’t happy with the results of Erase Instant Facelift, you can return the cream in the first 30 days after making a purchase. You’ll get a full refund.


erase instant facelift faq

How can I return my bottle?

If you decide to return the serum, you’ll be responsible for shipping and handling. You’ll be asked to send the bottle back to the local agent, after which you’ll get the refund.


erase instant facelift faq

Can I become an Erase Instant Facelift distributor?

To become a product distributor, you will need to contact the company’s head office. You’ll be provided with information about the procedure to be followed.


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